Redevelopment Reimagined

Many of our country’s urban areas have fallen into disrepair over the last half century as traditional industries have evolved.  Too often, revitalization efforts focus on a “teardown and rebuild” cycle that strips a city of its history.  

The Viking Group’s “Redevelopment Reimagined” method focuses on saving these historic monuments that tell the story of a city’s rise to prominence, returning them to former glory as an asset and prominent feature of the cityscape.  Our team partners with owners, investors, and city planners to imagine a practical and profitable reuse of the existing structure through adaptive reuse. 

At The Viking Group, our customized approach to restoring these buildings focuses on creating true feasibility through maximizing Historic Tax Credits, pursuit of Opportunity Zone, New Market Tax Credits and applicable grants while also providing exceptional Value Engineering.  We employ the services of specialized architectural and engineering firms with proven historic preservation success to bring that new vision to life.  Our work then continues with owners, developers and investors in various roles to include construction manager, general contractor, or development consultant to execute that vision flawlessly, on time and within budget.

The Union Building, Charleston, West Virginia

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